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July 30, 2011

Cardboard Guess Box????

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Looking for crafts to do with the kids using cardboard today, I found some great ideas.

We choose to make The Mystery Box from Disney Family Fun Site.

We also changed the name to "The Guess Box"   ???????????


Want to make this simple, cheap, creative, hours of fun new toy for your kids too?

OK! You can make a BIG one or if you don't have a big box like me you can make smaller :)

First I made a hole in the box (using a craft knife), grabbed white paper and cover it like this....

 I was going to do something else for

 decoration, but changed my mind.... so you don't really need to cover with white paper.

I used scrapbook paper and just glue on it!

That's it!

Here is "The Guess Box" ?????

As always the kids love it, laugh a lot and want to play again and again!

Tomorrow I'm going to add a kind of skirt made out of felt around the hole so they can't see it inside.

Just another simple little toy that also teaches your kids to recycle.

Don't have time? Do you have 2 minutes? OK!

Grab a box, your craft knife, make some doors, open on one or both sides and it could be

a car wash or a garage for your little guy's cars :)

I made it the other night when I was playing Barbie with Ariana and Anthony wanted to play too,

that way I told him that the car wash was his job and he loved it!

 Oh! Wait! I have something else to show, I know is not fancy or anything but just shows how easy is

 to make my little man happy, don't you just love how kids are???

I got paper, taped together, got some cookie box from my garbage, anyways it was so easy that you

can just look at the picture and you will understand...

Like I said, nothing fancy, I was not trying to make something that would last forever, we threw it

away after a day.

But it only took me 5 minutes to put it together and Anthony had hours of fun.

To him it  doesn't matter if he got a nice road rug in the playroom, this one was new.



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