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July 01, 2011

Summer of LOVE!

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This summer vacation me and the kids are loooving each other like crazy :)
I love it! We are having so much fun doing simple things.
I guess all of us are learning, the kids and me :)
And the days that we stay home I'm teaching them to use their imagination so they can have fun.
I tell Ariana the things I used to do when I was her age like how I would get a bunch of papers and play office, how I used to play Barbie, cooking and because I am the only child I used to pretend a lot...a lot, I still do LOL but only with the kids.
Ariana and Anthony are having lots of fun using their imagination...
They played office right in the middle of the stairs :)
Another day I let them bring to my kitchen their kitchen stuff and I let them make a MESS!!!
And this was the food they made it...
They used flour, water, coffee,corn meal, pasta...I let them go crazy!
After the mess Ariana washed all her kitchen stuff, she loves to use the real sink to wash her toys.