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July 18, 2011


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"GoPlaySleep", my beautiful daughter named our craft of today.

I did not plan this one, but I love it!

It all started when I saw one of Ariana's doll sitting in the kitchen looking really sad :(

This is how it went...

Me: "Ariana,why is your doll so sad?"

Ariana: "Awww I know, she was watching TV with me and saw a baby all happy playing on a



Ariana:"Mommy! So she started to cry because she doesn't have one, she said she is tired of sitting

around on hard floor or table."

Me: "hum mm...Hey!Look at that! A box! We can make one!"

Ariana:"Yes we can!"

The PlayGoSleep is a car seat, playpen and can also be a bed (that's our  next project,blankets and


The materials are so simple and easy.

First you go to your pantry and grab a box of Maruchan Ramen (I know you got some).

Now don't eat it all in  one day (my kids would, they love it, not me).

Take all out.

Using a hole punch make two holes for the handle. I used ribbon, but you and your little Princess can

 use whatever you like :)

And now all you need is some materials and imagination to decorate your GoPlaySleep.

This is Our GoPlaySleep...So sorry for the poor pictures...long story...

On one side Ariana did a beautiful coloring, I love it!

Inside is also learning time with big pictures of animals on 4 sides.

Go!Take anywhere you Go!

And if you are busy on the phone talking to your girlfriend about the book you are reading it's OK,

your baby will be very happy next to you because she is chilling on  her "GoPlaySleep" :)

That's it.

You can see this project and many more right at Skip to my Lou Blog

Make sure to follow her, it is a very good Blog.

Also linking to another great Blog

I had so much fun making this with Ariana, I hope you all have a great crafty week!
Sabrina ;)


  1. Cozy Home Scenes said...

    Tell Ariana she is a good Mommy for realizing her baby needs a comfortable place to sleep and play. It's weird that I never see little girls play with dolls anymore. I was one of those girls that took mine everywhere and had all that pink plastic doll furniture (including a playpen) but I totally would have wanted one of these boxes too.

    Nice to finally see a little girl today actually looking and acting like a child. That time only lasts for a short time, so it's a shame more kids don't enjoy it.

  2. Sabrina said...

    Thank you "Cozy Home Scenes".
    You are so right about that.
    But you know what? If I let my daughter she would play wii and nintendo all day, even my 2 years old son (I can't believe kids now, he is only 2 and wants to play video games all the time).
    I played Barbie until I was 14 years old.
    What I do with my daughter is of course limit her video games time but me sitting and doing crafts with her and my son made them stop asking for games so much.
    Like this craft, I was not going to do anything with them but they were kind of bored (yeah little kids bored, I don't get it!) so I came up with that.

    Thanks for your comment, Ariana loves when someone talks about her crafts :)
    Have a great week!

  3. Mo 'Betta said...

    Very cute idea! My kids, especially my 3 y/o little boy, would also play video games all day if I let him! It's unreal. I'm constantly having to come up with things for the kids to do to keep them OFF the computer/games! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Sabrina said...

    Thanks Mo... I really like your blog:) I am trying to follow but something is not working, I like your FB page but can't follow the blog, I will try again later.

  5. Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

    Aww this is soo cute! Looks like they really enjoyed it!