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July 23, 2011

Dog Bed

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This is my dog Bella...

She is not purple or pink :P

I made her a bed and want to share with you how.
I saw this dog bed tutorial.... 

I made it my own...like this...

Decide on the size you want, my dog's bed is huge because she is kind long.

On the open side cut strips so you can knot the two sides together.

I used old pillows for stuffing. You can use news, or buy yourself some new pillows and give your

dog the old ones.

I like to put pillows inside because you can wash them too :)

This is Bellas bed....
 I have more pictures but can't find it.

Sorry if I can't do a good tutorial, you know I am really good about learning but teaching is  another

thing, I am not so good at Tutorials.

Have a great Day!


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  2. Denise said...

    I sure like the fabric you chose for this dog bed. Nice.

  3. Sabrina said...

    Thank you April, you too have a sweet week.
    I also loove that fbric Denise :)