But out of limitations comes creativity...

May 16, 2012

I saw this great idea on Pinterest and had to do it for my sister's baby shower....

It is a vase made out of sticks :)

The inpiration and tutorial  I got it HERE.

And this is my making...

And this is my vase without flowers...

It's going to look much better with the flowers and all I had it was yarn to decorate, I will be making more and I will post pics with the flowers on it :)

Be Back Soon :)

Sticks Vase (Pretty Decoration for a Party)

May 03, 2012

First time ever making Muffins. I had bananas going bad and made those Banana Muffins today...

They came out very yummy... I can imagine how great will be tomorrow morning with a huge cup of coffee :)

Next time I will add some chocolate chips.

Recipe can be found Here @allrecipes
See you soon :)

Banana Muffins

Summer it's almost here and I love to wear colorful earrings, so I am on a mission to learn how to make thread earrings.

I got this image from Google, just so you know what I am trying to make it.

Here is a Video  on how to make Thread Earrings. This Video it's in Portuguese, but just by watching you will get it.
This Video Here got English Instructions, but I really think that you should watch both videos, they kind complete each other and make you understand better.

I don't have the right threads for making today... I was playing around before watching the videos and kind made one using crochet thread ... now, I haven't used the steps from the videos, but now I know I can do it :)

If you have done those and would like to share your Tutorial, please leave your link :)

 I know it don't look nothing like the ones you get from the Store, but I will get there ...
Watch the videos and try it!

Thread Earrings?

May 02, 2012

My sister-in-law it's having baby number 3!
I am helping with the Owl Theme decoration.
I will have lots of pictures of the party, but for now I'm going to share what am doing...
She got lots of scrapbooking paper and since she's not going to find out the sex of the baby we are mixing colors.
I made a Owl template, but you can go
HERE and get a simple template (looks like mine).
So I am using the scrapbooking paper she had and this is what we got so far...

I am also making flags with the same paper like this...

I am thinking about using brown ribbon to hang them.

I will post more pictures soon.

Ideas welcome :)

I love love love those cookies :

 You can go Here "Cake Central" to learn how to decorate like that :) I am so making those. For the fondant I will try to use a recipe I found HERE "The Decorated Cookie"

I am collecting ideas from all over.
See you soon :)

Owl Theme Baby Shower

December 24, 2011

Blue Crochet Beanie

Crochet Vest

December 11, 2011

Want to make a very cute Crochet Beanie like this?

                                                         I found this Video HERE.

                                               The stitches I used was found HERE.

                                      It was my first Beanie and my Ariana loved it!

I had so much fun making that I made one for Anthony using single and double crochet.

Here is a pic...

What about you?

What is your favorite Beanie Crochet Pattern?


Crochet Beanie

December 09, 2011

So I went to the Dollar Store the other day and saw that they have plain T-Shirts there. Hummmm... I had a good idea and would like to share with you today. My son loved it.
So here is a picture of what I used for this little project..

At the Dollar Store I also found a really cool Spongebob Coloring book.

I transfer the picture to the T-Shirt, painted and that's it.

Now, I wanted to be like in the coloring book only the outline black because I want to be more mature

 and plus we already have lots of yellow Spongebob around so that was a nice change.

Here is Anthony with his very cheap but cool new Shirt :)

One Dollar T-Shirt Fashion for Boys

November 12, 2011

Just so you know I am very new to Crochet. Never took the time to learn when I was young.

Last week my beautiful daughter started Crochet Classes at the Library. I was so excited that I asked her to show me at home what she had learned.

Anyways... after You Tubing a lot I found this VIDEO where you can learn how to make a Headband just like this one. Ariana wanted her bow very big, but if you want you can make a little bow or just go big like we did :)

This is a before bow picture......

I will post some links for you tube where I found very helpful when learning how to Crochet :)

Have a good weekend!

Join me at ....

Super Cute and Easy Crochet Headband

October 30, 2011

Takes only 2 minutes but is so much fun.
I was laughing making voices with my daughter and tomorrow when my little man wakes up I know he is going to make me pee from laughing (cause he is so funny without a moustache, imagine with one LOL).
Moustache =  is facial hair grown on the outer surface of the upper lip.

Look at this very Original one :)

The owner of this Beautiful moustache it was Panayot Hitov - Bulgarian hajduk and revolutionary, now that's very Original and long and BIG LOL!!!

This is Ariana's Moustache.......

If you want to make those or rings, necklaces, anything... go HERE and you can print templates.

How do I know that guy's name? I found it HERE hehehe...

Have FUN!!!!! :P

Simple Fun Moustache!

This week my daughter had a Vocabulary Parade at School.

We went with the  word "Gastronomy" the art of preparing and serving food.

So I had to make her look like a Chef.

I used old curtains and this is what I came up with...

The apron I just made it, no tutorial...sorry...

The Hat I can tell you that it is very easy and I got a tutorial from this Video.

So she got a Award that day :) Oh yeah!!!! Mama is sooo proud!

Vocabulary Parede 2011

Want to make a Bow Tie?

I found a Amazing Tutorial for Bow Tie!!!!

So Go
HERE and see how easy it is and make sure to Follow "Lemon Squeezy Blog".

Here is my version...

Have a great weekend :)
 Today I'm hoping there .. Super Stalker Sunday Blog Hop

Bow Tie Tutorial

September 28, 2011

I found a really cute Tutorial HERE that show how to make a really cute dress, easy and fast.

So first go THERE check it out and make sure you have your sewing machine ready because you are going to make at least one.

Here is my first...



I will be making more, lots of more dresses and this one gave me lots of ideas.

Thanks Talk2the Trees Blog for this cute and easy Tutorial :)

I would love to see pictures of the ones you make it too :)

Bye Everyone!

Cute Easy Dress Tutorial Link

September 21, 2011

I miss you My Blog!

August 26, 2011

I had good times with my kids this Summer!

I can say that I did my best to make them happy as always :)

Well, like I said before my daughter,  Ariana found her love for crafts this Summer.

We did lots of crafts.

So on the last Sunday of Summer vacation I had to do something with her and of course Anthony.

First we colored on paper... I told them to go crazy with the colors and just color all over.

Colorful paper + boxes (from pasta, snacks, cookies, crackers, juice) = Cardboard Blocks!

Another Recycled Toy! A really good mix of learning, creating and having F-U-N!

All you need to do is glue the paper to the boxes. You can draw ABC's, Number, Words.

And you will have this...

                                                       And your kids will be so Happy :)

                            They can build anything, Anthony even play with his cars on the blocks.

The other night we all played together, even Daddy :)

Simple things that can bring so many smiles :) That's what I like it!

Recycled Toy Cardboard Blocks

August 20, 2011

Recycled Crafts is a  great way to teach our kids about recycling and the environment.

What I like the most is that I get to see my  kids creative side and also this kind of craft  teaches them a lot about recycle.

Another important thing is that I get to talk to my kids about how you don't need to go to the store to get something new all the time, you can make something cool and original :)

I have two projects to show you.

The first one is using rice...not really recycling because we used uncooked rice...

Here is a link for colored rice art.

I don't have pictures of the rice before and after but Here  

you will find out how to color rice.

Just coloring the rice is fun, but I did it thinking they could make art using the colored rice.

And this is the Beautiful Art my kids made for me! ....

 They also used dry peas :)

We just used 2 colors, blue and purple.

By the way, have seen "writing on rice grain"?

 Right Here is a video on how to write on rice grain.

I saw last week that you can make a sand box...

Well... it would be rice box, like a sand box but instead of sand you can use colored rice.

I want to try that, but I need to figure it out how big my container will be.

Now the next craft is.....


We used a cookie box to make a play fridge and a taco shell box to make a play stove.

This was a very special mommy and daughter thing :) We spend time talking about what color, how to do it and had lots of fun doing it!

First the stove....






 100% Recycle.

We used lollipop wraps, scrapbooking paper, juice and soda label and I used Velcro instead of a handle to open and close the fridge.

Funny thing is that they have a play kitchen but they love this stove and fridge.

It was fun.

And Ariana still doing Origami, yesterday she made a little and a big house.

This Summer was special!

Ariana found her L-O-V-E for crafts!

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Busy Mom's Tips Tuesday Blog Hop

Recycled Crafts - Fridge and Stove