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September 21, 2011

I miss you My Blog!

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I'm back.
I had to take a break from Blogger and Facebook.
This Summer we did so much Crafts here and when School started I went crazy.
I had to get back to the routine of dropping off my daughter at School, picking her up, home work and now we are trying to go exercise every afternoon at the very end of the day because here in Florida is HOT!!!!!
But now I think I got everything under control ... well kind of...
I need to have a day for crafts and sewing. If I could it would be everyday but I can't.
So much cleaning, laundry, cooking and things to do around the house... ...
Well, finally I had a date with hubby.
It was our Anniversary! My loving friend watch the kids and we went out on a date.
He took me to a Brazilian Place to eat. It was very nice.
It was great but I was sick that day.
We are going to try to do this at least one time each month.
I hope you guys have a Great week :)