But out of limitations comes creativity...

July 30, 2011

Looking for crafts to do with the kids using cardboard today, I found some great ideas.

We also changed the name to "The Guess Box"   ???????????


Want to make this simple, cheap, creative, hours of fun new toy for your kids too?

OK! You can make a BIG one or if you don't have a big box like me you can make smaller :)

First I made a hole in the box (using a craft knife), grabbed white paper and cover it like this....

 I was going to do something else for

 decoration, but changed my mind.... so you don't really need to cover with white paper.

I used scrapbook paper and just glue on it!

That's it!

Here is "The Guess Box" ?????

As always the kids love it, laugh a lot and want to play again and again!

Tomorrow I'm going to add a kind of skirt made out of felt around the hole so they can't see it inside.

Just another simple little toy that also teaches your kids to recycle.

Don't have time? Do you have 2 minutes? OK!

Grab a box, your craft knife, make some doors, open on one or both sides and it could be

a car wash or a garage for your little guy's cars :)

I made it the other night when I was playing Barbie with Ariana and Anthony wanted to play too,

that way I told him that the car wash was his job and he loved it!

 Oh! Wait! I have something else to show, I know is not fancy or anything but just shows how easy is

 to make my little man happy, don't you just love how kids are???

I got paper, taped together, got some cookie box from my garbage, anyways it was so easy that you

can just look at the picture and you will understand...

Like I said, nothing fancy, I was not trying to make something that would last forever, we threw it

away after a day.

But it only took me 5 minutes to put it together and Anthony had hours of fun.

To him it  doesn't matter if he got a nice road rug in the playroom, this one was new.



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Cardboard Guess Box????

July 29, 2011

This afternoon me and Ariana made binoculars from toilet paper rolls.

She it's loving it to save things for crafts.

I'm sure you already made one, but I'm going to share anyways :)

So here it is...

Anthony was taking a nap while me and Ariana made this.

When he woke up he had a new toy.

They really like it.

Ariana made hers all girly :)

Have a great Sunday girls!!!

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

New Headband

We just came from outside (very hot out) and got a New Pet for the Day.

Say Hi to "Miss Wormy Lopez" Her Castle it's locate at the Parmesan "Cheese Container" LOL

We got to read about it right after to find how to take care of her (her, everything got to be her right?).

Well I already had my kids learning something new today :) That's always good.

Here is a link that you can go to read about worms and how to keep them happy :)

 I should let Miss Wormy go free later...

Pet of the Day Miss Wormy

July 28, 2011


Mod Podge is fun, cool, amazing right?

I want to show you guys my first shoe decoupage.

IDK why but I don't have a before picture of my shoes.

All you need is: old shoes, fabric or paper and the fabulous Mod Podge, that's it!!!!!!

This one looks like mine before the decoupage.....

This is my new-old-newer shoe.....

If you have a shoe that you did anything to change it, please I would love to see it!

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My First Shoe Decoupage

July 27, 2011

I really like to bake with whole wheat flour and brown sugar.

Last week I found this amazing recipe and since I had lots of apples I made it and it came out so fluffy

and delicious.

I didn't add any nuts, I'm sure it would be even better :)

Here is my cake.....

Now go grab a cup of coffee and Enjoy!

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Whole Wheat Apple Cake Delicious

Last night's craft was so easy, cheap but F-U-N :)

It's easy to make my kids happy as long as I use my imagination...that reminds me of Spongebob on a

episode where he keeps saying "Imagination" LOL Me and my Sponge Fever LOL I just love him.

Now back to the craft ;)

Last night the kids learned that Egg Carton is not garbage, is a special material that if you use your

 "imagination" it can become a Bug or a Cute Monster, or anything...

First Ariana got her scissors and cut it up the egg carton...

We just used two pieces, one for her and one for Anthony. It was late (hey Summer vacation).

This is how they look with eyes....

Decorate, decorate and...

Please say Hi to Mr. and Mrs. Bug :)

This is so simple and fast, but you'll get lots of smiles and laughs from your kids :)

Right now Ariana and Anthony are doing some more... We had a big egg carton :)

Here is a Link where you can get some more ideas.

Thanks for reading.

Last night's Craft with my kids

July 25, 2011

I had some canvas and wanted to use one(the kids always use it all).

So while looking for some ideas I found a website and try it just looking the pics from there.

I like the way it came out.

It's very colorful, abstract and I see many things, like I see a fish with a mountain on his belly LOL
My kids see all kinds of things :)

OK, so HERE IS THE LINK that takes you to the website that I was talking about it.

And here are my pictures, by the way I have my in my dinning room.

This is how you start... You make kind like a  frame with any color paint you like.

The next steps I don't have a pic my next picture is of the whole thing ready..sorry but when you go to

 the website you'll get the idea.

You just start to fill with shapes of any kind (big ones first) and after you paint little shapes inside the

big ones...you know what? You better go to the website I'm no good on giving instructions LOL

I hope you like it, cuz I do :)

 This project was featured on this amazing Blog that I follow ...

Colorful Paint I made it

I am sure you are familiar with FaveCrafts.
Well I just found a old email they sent me with free eBook.
I am going to link bellow two of them, one is Spring and the other Summer eBook both with great ideas and crafts projects for kids.
Crafts are very fun for kids and they have lots of fun doing it, but also can be very gratifying for them to see the results when building, sewing, or even painting something.
Crafting is a really good opportunity for kids to let imagination run wild :)
So go HERE for the Spring eBook.
And go HERE for the Summer eBook.
You know what? Crafts make me happy and Crafts with my kids makes me even Happier :)

Fave Crafts Free eBook

July 23, 2011

This is my dog Bella...

She is not purple or pink :P

I made her a bed and want to share with you how.
I saw this dog bed tutorial.... 

I made it my own...like this...

Decide on the size you want, my dog's bed is huge because she is kind long.

On the open side cut strips so you can knot the two sides together.

I used old pillows for stuffing. You can use news, or buy yourself some new pillows and give your

dog the old ones.

I like to put pillows inside because you can wash them too :)

This is Bellas bed....
 I have more pictures but can't find it.

Sorry if I can't do a good tutorial, you know I am really good about learning but teaching is  another

thing, I am not so good at Tutorials.

Have a great Day!

Dog Bed

No matching day

July 21, 2011

T-Shirt Paint for Anthony, very relaxing...

Huge Beach bag for me...I can trow my house inside :)

My very first Bib Necklace.

This bag with flowers that everyone think it looks weird LOL

Felt Bracelets for Ariana...

Another bag for me.. a big bag, not huge...

Some more T-shirt painting, this time for Ariana...

Some Decoupage...


That's it for today... I need to get some rest so I can do some more tomorrow, plus my regular job "mom/wife/my kids private 24/7clown/ cook/ house cleaner/ laundry washer lady/ dog owner/ bird owner/ fish owner/ and... so on... and so on... :)

Things I made...