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July 20, 2011

My new Love

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Cupcake anyone??? OK...so today I felt in love again with something else...one day is Mr. Clean, Bleach, whole wheat anything...today it was...CLAY. No! Not Clay Aiken!!! LOL Clay just clay the craft clay.
That was my first very first time playing around with clay, I'm sure I will get better :)
This one is from the Dollar Store, now that I like I'm going to a craft store get the one you can bake.
I have some stuff I found today and add to my favorites and I will share with you guys, maybe if you never tried you will find a new love like I did today LOL

And of course my BFF and my Little Man loved it too :)

Nice! The bathroom door it's open and the toilet 2 LMBO... Who did it?

Here are the links......