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July 14, 2011

Do you cook with your kids?

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I can't do it all the time, but I'm trying to do more often.
If I am in a hurry or had a crazy day and got a headache while cooking... I can't cook with my kids.
Ariana wants me to teach her every step and Anthony just likes to touch hot pans.
But every time we do cook together we always have lots of fun and they eat really good.
I guess they feel so proud that they can cook that they eat it all :) Works for me :)
The other night we made Steak Ranch Soft Tacos.
We sauteed onions, garlic, sweet red-green-yellow peppers... add the steak... seasoning...

Heated up the tortilla (that was Anthony's favorite thing to do it) and this is how we build it:
-> Tortilla
-> Sour Cream
->Steak with peppers
-> Healthy salad mix (the one with spinach and all the healthy greens)
-> Last we add some ranch dressing so the kids and Daddy got nothing to complain about the good greens.
That's what we had for dinner that night :)
What do you like to make with your kids???