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July 27, 2011

Last night's Craft with my kids

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Last night's craft was so easy, cheap but F-U-N :)

It's easy to make my kids happy as long as I use my imagination...that reminds me of Spongebob on a

episode where he keeps saying "Imagination" LOL Me and my Sponge Fever LOL I just love him.

Now back to the craft ;)

Last night the kids learned that Egg Carton is not garbage, is a special material that if you use your

 "imagination" it can become a Bug or a Cute Monster, or anything...

First Ariana got her scissors and cut it up the egg carton...

We just used two pieces, one for her and one for Anthony. It was late (hey Summer vacation).

This is how they look with eyes....

Decorate, decorate and...

Please say Hi to Mr. and Mrs. Bug :)

This is so simple and fast, but you'll get lots of smiles and laughs from your kids :)

Right now Ariana and Anthony are doing some more... We had a big egg carton :)

Here is a Link where you can get some more ideas.

Thanks for reading.