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July 25, 2011

Colorful Paint I made it

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I had some canvas and wanted to use one(the kids always use it all).

So while looking for some ideas I found a website and try it just looking the pics from there.

I like the way it came out.

It's very colorful, abstract and I see many things, like I see a fish with a mountain on his belly LOL
My kids see all kinds of things :)

OK, so HERE IS THE LINK that takes you to the website that I was talking about it.

And here are my pictures, by the way I have my in my dinning room.

This is how you start... You make kind like a  frame with any color paint you like.

The next steps I don't have a pic my next picture is of the whole thing ready..sorry but when you go to

 the website you'll get the idea.

You just start to fill with shapes of any kind (big ones first) and after you paint little shapes inside the

big ones...you know what? You better go to the website I'm no good on giving instructions LOL

I hope you like it, cuz I do :)

 This project was featured on this amazing Blog that I follow ...


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  2. Sabrina said...

    Thank you so much Denise, you a so sweet.
    I want to check it out the "hair jew" I am curious now.