But out of limitations comes creativity...

June 11, 2011

This was one of the things I made yesterday :)

Let's make one...

You will need:

Fabric or a t-shirt (I used a kids t-shirt)

Hot glue gun

Beads or anything cute that you want to use to decorate


Lace ( I used a light pink lace)

First you need to make the Rolled Flower

Here is a good Tutorial

Here are the 3 flowers... you can use as many or as big as you want.

I made two flowers with lace: I cut one strip of the t-shirt and one of lace and rolled them together.

Glue the flower on a piece of felt and cut around the flowers to make look clean.

As you can see in this picture next I cut 2 long strips of the t-shirt.

Twist them and make knots at the end... you can use 3 strips or just one and make knots all over.

If you have any questions please let me know, I will be happy to help you.

Now you sew the strips on the flowers.

You can make this necklace using ribbon, or necklace chain.

I dropped my camera in a pool last weekend.

So sorry for the poor pictures I am using my old old camera. But I'm getting a new camera soon, I had

 insurance on it thank God!

Have a great weekend!

Hot Pink Summer Necklace Tutorial

June 08, 2011

She was playing on Zoodles and saw the project
HERE , came to me with it and we did it together because we used hot glue.
She sew all around ...it took her a while because I told her to try to do her best :)
And she did it!
She loves crafts! Check it out  Craft Finder at Nick Jr I'm sure you will find something that your kids would love to make it together.
I played some love songs while she was sewing and it was very relaxing :)

                                               Happy Craft With your Kids this Summer! 

Update...    Rintoo is getting a body :) right now he got 2 arms and soon he will have a full body hehehe... Ariana its almost done.

Ariana's Summer Craft for today is...

Everyone knows about Pillow Pet right? They are all over... Walmart...Target....
I almost got one for my daughter many times and I always think I can make her something that it will be a pillow pet kind of thing but original.
So I found this great Tutorial at this awesome Blog .
Check it out..it is a great tutorial.

My Snuggly Owls name is Miss Owl... I made her out of scraps because I did not know if I was going to be able to make it good LOL It looks hard but it is really easy to make it.

I will be making more Owls soon... Let me know if you make any Owl or if you know a tutorial for cute kids pillows, please share :)

Make your Own Snuggly Owl Pillow

Goodbye 1st Grade!