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June 08, 2011

Ariana's Summer Craft for today is...

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She was playing on Zoodles and saw the project HERE , came to me with it and we did it together because we used hot glue.
She sew all around ...it took her a while because I told her to try to do her best :)
And she did it!
She loves crafts! Check it out  Craft Finder at Nick Jr I'm sure you will find something that your kids would love to make it together.
I played some love songs while she was sewing and it was very relaxing :)

                                               Happy Craft With your Kids this Summer! 

Update...    Rintoo is getting a body :) right now he got 2 arms and soon he will have a full body hehehe... Ariana its almost done.


  1. blesid said...

    She did a GREAT JOB! I love how much personality her piece has. Kudos on a job well done! Sewing is a life skill that she will treasure and remember the sweet times with mama!!! jules

  2. Sabrina said...

    Thank you "blesid", right now she is sewing the body hehehe...
    I went to your blog and love it!!!!
    I want to make those bracelets you got there :)

  3. Jenae said...

    Wow! She did a great job!