But out of limitations comes creativity...

May 16, 2012

I saw this great idea on Pinterest and had to do it for my sister's baby shower....

It is a vase made out of sticks :)

The inpiration and tutorial  I got it HERE.

And this is my making...

And this is my vase without flowers...

It's going to look much better with the flowers and all I had it was yarn to decorate, I will be making more and I will post pics with the flowers on it :)

Be Back Soon :)

Sticks Vase (Pretty Decoration for a Party)

May 03, 2012

First time ever making Muffins. I had bananas going bad and made those Banana Muffins today...

They came out very yummy... I can imagine how great will be tomorrow morning with a huge cup of coffee :)

Next time I will add some chocolate chips.

Recipe can be found Here @allrecipes
See you soon :)

Banana Muffins

Summer it's almost here and I love to wear colorful earrings, so I am on a mission to learn how to make thread earrings.

I got this image from Google, just so you know what I am trying to make it.

Here is a Video  on how to make Thread Earrings. This Video it's in Portuguese, but just by watching you will get it.
This Video Here got English Instructions, but I really think that you should watch both videos, they kind complete each other and make you understand better.

I don't have the right threads for making today... I was playing around before watching the videos and kind made one using crochet thread ... now, I haven't used the steps from the videos, but now I know I can do it :)

If you have done those and would like to share your Tutorial, please leave your link :)

 I know it don't look nothing like the ones you get from the Store, but I will get there ...
Watch the videos and try it!

Thread Earrings?

May 02, 2012

My sister-in-law it's having baby number 3!
I am helping with the Owl Theme decoration.
I will have lots of pictures of the party, but for now I'm going to share what am doing...
She got lots of scrapbooking paper and since she's not going to find out the sex of the baby we are mixing colors.
I made a Owl template, but you can go
HERE and get a simple template (looks like mine).
So I am using the scrapbooking paper she had and this is what we got so far...

I am also making flags with the same paper like this...

I am thinking about using brown ribbon to hang them.

I will post more pictures soon.

Ideas welcome :)

I love love love those cookies :

 You can go Here "Cake Central" to learn how to decorate like that :) I am so making those. For the fondant I will try to use a recipe I found HERE "The Decorated Cookie"

I am collecting ideas from all over.
See you soon :)

Owl Theme Baby Shower