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June 08, 2011

Goodbye 1st Grade!

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Last  year when  Ariana started kindergarten I felt in love with her teacher and got very emotional all year, awards ceremony, report card, I cried for everything and the last day of kindergarten... oh boy!
This year was no different. I also felt in love with her teacher and very emotional all over again LOL
So the night before last day of 1st grade I went crazy thinking that I haven't done anything special to give to Mrs. Willis.
So I went online looking for a poem that Ariana could copy on a piece of paper for her.
I wanted to make her a letter monogram of the letter "W" (for Mrs. Willis)... I couldn't do it.
I am always good on following direction but this time I was not doing a good job.
After almost trowing all away... crayons all over my room...this is what I came up with...
                                                             Ariana's beautiful writing :)

What about you? Did you like your kids teacher this year? Did you get to make anything special for her (him) ???
I cried so much while reading a thank you card Mrs. Willis wrote to us...she is so sweet! I love her!