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May 26, 2011

Tutorial from my old Blog... Felt car Road...

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My son loves this car road...I even add a parking lot.
Just make sure to keep your dog away from it...dog hair and felt do not match... way too hard to get it out.
Talking about getting hair out.. I used hot glue for this project but my next one I will sew, that way  I can wash it.
I found the Tutorial HERE.  Very nice and fun. So easy to make it.

Here is mine:
I hope you like it and check it out the great Blog where I found this nice tutorial.
Have a great Day:)


  1. Stelle Courney said...

    Oh, that's a nice way to stoke your son's love for cars! My friend's son is like that, too. He even carries his cars around as if they were flying. Was the parking lot put in to avoid heavy traffic? Hehe.

  2. Erwin Calverley said...

    I think that parking lot was added to have more space for his son's countless toy cars. That plain road will grow bigger in the long run. That's good for your boy, as he will learn to build and construct things on his own. It's a learning process that will benefit his schooling.