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October 30, 2011

Simple Fun Moustache!

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Takes only 2 minutes but is so much fun.
I was laughing making voices with my daughter and tomorrow when my little man wakes up I know he is going to make me pee from laughing (cause he is so funny without a moustache, imagine with one LOL).
Moustache =  is facial hair grown on the outer surface of the upper lip.

Look at this very Original one :)

The owner of this Beautiful moustache it was Panayot Hitov - Bulgarian hajduk and revolutionary, now that's very Original and long and BIG LOL!!!

This is Ariana's Moustache.......

If you want to make those or rings, necklaces, anything... go HERE and you can print templates.

How do I know that guy's name? I found it HERE hehehe...

Have FUN!!!!! :P