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August 01, 2011

Sabrina's Clothesline Experiment

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Last night hubby asked me ...-"What do you think about dry the laundry outside if we had

something like a rope?"

 Me: -"Sure! Why not?... This is how I grew up in Brazil, hanging laundry in the backyard."

The idea came from my Mother-In-Law (a very smart girl)...for that reason I

wanted to try it :)

Two weeks a go I soaked my whites in bleach and laundry

detergent for a while before I threw it in the wash machine and my laundry was so "beautiful white"!

Right Here you'll find  tips on whitening your laundry from Clorox.

But I didn't think about hang the clothes outside :\

So this morning hubby went to Home Depot and got me a Clothesline.

Let me tell you, I love it!!!!!!

My laundry dried so fast and it smells good "Clothesline Fresh".

Also it was a good exercise since my washing machine it's upstairs inside the kids bathroom :)

This is what Ariana said... "Mommy! I saw this in a movie, but I didn't know you could have it in real

life!!!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL

And Anthony went outside while I was hanging the clothes and started to play going under and hiding,

 just like you see in the movies LOL it was so cute and funny.

Bella, my beautiful dog was barking at the clothes as they dance in the sunny hot, really hot,  1000

degrees hot Florida Summer Day!

I am going to do that from now on. Today is August 1/2011.... I really want to see how much money

we are going to save by doing this, that's why I'm calling "Sabrina's Clothesline Experiment."

You know what? I'm going to decorate some of my clothespin and give some to my mom-in-law :)

So, have you ever tried Clothesline ????

You can read more about Clothesline HERE and HERE.

Here is a picture of my new "Go Green Dryer" AKA "Sun Dryer" AKA "Outside Dryer"...

 Have a Great Day ;)


  1. Brandi said...

    such a great idea to hang your clothes outside. I'm sure you will save your family a lot of money.

  2. Sabrina said...

    Thank you Brandi :)