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August 01, 2011

Easy Cute Girly Girls Rings

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I saw this cute little rings and of course I had to make some with my daughter :)

Here at Disney Family Fun you can find those little cutie rings and much more, like this cute Bracelets.

I also made some rings from plastic bottle and elastic both covered with fabric :)

Sorry I don't have any Tutorial, but Here Are 10 Flower Tutorials from Skip t my Lou.

Ariana loves to wear a new ring everyday ;)

Also I made some plastic bottle bracelets the other day...

Places to go for Plastic Bottle Bracelets Tutorials:






Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile :) LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS. Click on my pictures to see them BIG.

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  1. Patricia Torres said...

    Made of cloth.. really!! wow!! I'm going to check the tutorial.. mark it and hope to make it some day!!

    Thanks for linking in to the weekend wrap up.. You've got a lovely blog.. keep blogging..

    Hope you have a fab week ahead of you!! :-)

  2. Sabrina said...

    Thank you Patricia Torres.
    I will keep blogging I can't stop with the crafts :)

  3. JENNi said...

    Hi, Im a new follower, loving the blog! Found you off boost my blog Friday. I would love to invite you to follow me:
    Thanks so much! have a great day!

    neat idea! Im going have to make my girlies some :)